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Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

I’m going to warn you, this will not be my typical Angel Wings Foundation blog post. This past week our 8-year-old daughter was hospitalized at Seattle Children’s Hospital. I’m not going to share all of the details, but having a child admitted with an unknown diagnosis is pretty scary. If you’ve ever dealt with a very sick child, you know you go into survival mode. I never thought about calling my best friends to come sit with me. I never thought about eating or drinking. I never gave a moment of my time to worrying about paying bills, answering emails or rescheduling meetings. I was in survival mode. Mama bear mode. We received top notch care, especially from the superhuman nursing staff. For the most part, every person we interacted with did so with compassion, patience and a listening ear. The few that didn’t, got to experience a watered-down version of Beverly Goldberg (if you haven’t seen The Goldberg’s sitcom you need to). I love being a mom and take my job very seriously. I’m also well versed in hospitals, in my “former life” I was a full-time registered dietitian. I can navigate the medical world a bit easier than most. It is natural for me to jump in and care for others who are walking through horrible times.

I didn’t leave the hospital for 8 days. I couldn’t leave her side. During those long nights of no sleep and tons of prayer, I reflected on my role within Angel Wings Foundation. I thought about the Capatch family and the year they spent living in the hospital with Charlize. I thought about the Cozzi’s who continue to fight every day for Cam. I thought about all of the conversations I’ve had with AWF families over the past 10 years, and how lucky I have been to make a difference in their lives. I think about the events over the last 10 days, the desperation and helplessness that I felt. During our hospitalization, I reached out to a family who has been at Children’s with their 3-year-old, battling a brain tumor. AWF has been doing some special projects for them and I was excited to go up to the oncology floor and meet them for the first time. The mom and I chatted for a bit and I was blown away by her care and concern for what was happening with my daughter. Empathy. I sat there in awe, letting her know that I was honored to get to meet her and be a small source of light during their horrific journey. We both agreed that it’s never about comparing situations, but just helping others feel that they’re not alone, no matter what the diagnoses.

Authentic communication and empathy can go a long way to helping someone feel loved and supported. As we were discharged from the hospital and drove away, my heart broke for all of the families who don’t get to leave. I hurt for all of those moms who would love to have their kids picky eating or a broken dishwasher be their biggest problems. I sit here today, typing away and watching my sweet girl gain her strength and sparkle back. I keep thinking about what we are going to do to give back to all of the staff who helped us. So, I start with this blog post to share a bit of where my heart is and to remind everyone to be grateful every single day. Even in the worst moments, we can find a reason to be grateful. When you’re at your lowest points, remember, there is someone else out there that wants you to know you’re not alone. Empathy, it drives connection and is what we ALL need.

{Please take 3 minutes & click on this link} Brene Brown Empathy

In love,


Kindness Challenge: February 2017

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**Kindness Challenge: February 2017**

Art cardsAs you know, each month we will post a new Kindness Challenge for you and your family to participate in. Last month we encouraged you to let someone else go in front of you in line (Costco, post office, coffee shop etc). Many of you shared with us that it was a simple thing to do, and it not only made your hearts feel full, but it brought smiles to the people receiving the kindness.

For the month of FEBRUARY, we challenge you to: send a handwritten note to a friend or family member telling them why they are special to you. This is a simple and rewarding challenge that kids love to participate in too!

Kindness Challenge: January 2017

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Kindness Challenge: January 2017 Art cards

Each month we will post a new Kindness Challenge for you and your family to participate in. Remember last month when we challenged you to do something nice for Jon at the UPS store (or someone in the service industry who you interact with)? Well, for the month of January, we challenge you to: Let someone else go in front of you at the grocery store, coffee shop, (gasp) Costco or even the post office!

The only catch is that we want to hear from YOU. Report back and let us know what you did and the impact it had on you, your family, or the person you were kind to. You can post on our page, private message us, or email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know how it went. You can also share this post and encourage others to participate!

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Legacy Marketplace

on Tuesday, 06 September 2016. Posted in AWF Blog

If you haven't heard, we are adding a new program to Hope Day. "Legacy Marketplace" is where 12 young people were chosen to budget, create and sell a unique item at our 2016 Hope Day. A portion of their profits (the kids decide how much) go back to AWF and helping others. We will be highlighting each one of them leading up to our event on October 8th. 

First up is Gavin!!!

Legacy Marketplace Gavin Meyer

Gavin (14 years old)
Marketplace item: Flies for Fly Fishing.
I love to fish, and have been tying my own flies for 3-4 years.
Why I’m part of Legacy:
I am a part of the Legacy program because I’d like to help make a difference in my community, and to also help the Cozzi family.

What is Angel Wings Foundation and Hope Day!?

on Friday, 26 August 2016. Posted in AWF Blog

Watch the video to learn more: VIDEO

Support Edgar's Family by Diane Stotts

on Wednesday, 24 August 2016. Posted in AWF Blog

Legacy Edgar
My name is Diane and my dearest closet friend’s family has just tragically lost their 14 year old son Brayden in a horrific car accident this morning. He was a terrific wonderful smart, athletic kid full of life and personality. Brayden was a very nice young man with a bright future who loved the outdoors and enjoyed lacrosse and many other sports. We are raising this money to help the family with expenses for the memorial and time off for the family to heal and morn their loss of their loved son and brother. As soon as you can donate would be of great help to the Edgar family in their time of need!
Any donation big or small will be greatly appreciated during this time of loss for the Edgar family.
Help spread the word!
Donate link

Blitz - The winner is?

on Friday, 12 August 2016. Posted in AWF Blog

Legacy Seahawk

Drum roll please! Today is the big day! The winner of the Blitz autographed-Angel Wings sweatshirt is.....Holly Hodgins-Tacker !!!! Congrats to you. DM us your contact info and we will get this one of a kind sweatshirt to you! 
If you haven't RSVP'd for Hope Day 2016, it's super easy. Just click on this link.

Join Team Cypher @ Faith, Hope & Love 5K

on Friday, 01 January 2016. Posted in AWF Blog

Join us on February 13, 2016 for the First Annual Faith Hope Love - Sarah Cypher 5k. The run will start at 9am at Pierce College in Puyallup.

Registration is $40 for adults - $25 for kids under age 16.
Registration fee includes a race t-shirt.


Merry Christmas from the Angel Wings Team!

on Thursday, 31 December 2015. Posted in AWF Blog

AWF blog001We asked for help, and you responded.....big time! Thanks to you, we were able to take presents, food and supplies to a deserving family. In addition to the gifts and cleaning supplies, we are able to provide financial support as well. Medical bills are coming in and the family was overwhelmed with the love and support our team showed up with. It was truly a Christmas miracle. We will be posting the whole story, including an update on their son's health, on our blog in the coming week. A special thank you to Calvary Community Church and their giving tree program which allowed us to make this Christmas extra special for them.


We are grateful to each and every one of you. Your ongoing support this year has allowed us to continue to fulfill our mission in a meaningful way. If you haven't made your end of the year donation yet, please consider doing so. Remember, most work places offer corporate matching, and as a 501c3 non-profit, donations are tax deductible. You can donate through our website or by mail. or PO BOX 7350 Bonney Lake, WA 98391.

Sometimes, Christmas Looks Different

on Friday, 18 December 2015. Posted in AWF Blog

It's time for, "Holly's long-winded post of the week". Earlier this week, I was in the checkout line at Target and overheard the lady in front of me tells the cashier that they weren't really celebrating Christmas this year because it's been an especially hard year, emotionally. In that moment, I felt compelled to reach out {aka - invite myself into the conversation}. I told the gal that I was sad to hear that. I told her how it's amazing to me that there are so many people hurting, struggling and just "making it through" the holidays. People are struggling emotionally, financially, or physically and yet, we are expected to have Christmas spirit and really enjoy the heck out of this special time of year. She smiled, exhaled and thanked me for my honesty. It was a relief to her to be allowed to be sad this time of year. She was so grateful for my listening ear and kindness, to which I responded with wisdom that I have gathered from years of joy and pain. I told her that some seasons are rough and we need someone to lift us up and extend grace. Other seasons are pretty great, and during those time we need to make sure we are extending grace and lifting others.

I can think of at least 7 people in my immediate circle who are fighting for joy this holiday season. They feel guilty for feeling sad, or not having Christmas Spirit. My response is simple. Sometimes, Christmas looks different. It's ok to be sad or to not "feel" the emotions that we are expected to. Everyone is hurting in some way or another and it's our job as human beings to stop, take notice, and show some care for each other. It's not about the gifts, obligations, Christmas cards, checking all of the boxes and trying not to disappoint anyone.... it's about being especially sensitive to people who are in need of a little bit of grace and love. For my family and I, the focus of Christmas is on the birth of our Savior, and our job is to be a light in a dark world. My hope and prayer for everyone reading this is that we would all look beyond our circumstances and seek out those who need a little light. For those of you who are going through a first season of holidays after a loss, know that you are not alone. Christmas just looks different, but His truths remain the same. I challenge all of you to slow down, put your cell phone away, make eye contact, extend a smile or warm words with a stranger. You never know how your simple kindness will affect their life. – Hollywhatsinaname

3rd Annual Hope Bag Event

on Thursday, 17 December 2015. Posted in AWF Blog

AWF 5774 Blitz

 A cold November day in Bonney Lake was warmed considerably as hundreds of people joined in for Angel Wings Foundation’s Third Annual Hope Bags event.  Amidst the shrieks of laughter, the sounds of music and even the scent of lattes, it was easy to understand how Hope Bags are making a difference. Hope Bags provide an opportunity for people of all ages to come together and have a positive impact on their community. In a fun and festive open-house environment, we provide all the materials to let you decorate a bag and then fill it with personal care items. You then take the bag with you and distribute it to someone in need, as the opportunity arises.  


This year’s event was spiced up by visits from some very special friends. First, Blitz zoomed into the building – the roar when he came in made us think we were at a Seahawks game! Blitz was a hit with kids of all ages – even the grown-ups.  J  You could get your picture taken with Blitz – and use our Angel Wings and Seahawks-themed props to give your picture that extra special something. Blitz even made his own Hope Bag – with a little help from his friends, of course!


AWF 5674 2After Blitz flew the coop to head back to the stadium, two extra special helpers arrived: our very own Sea Gals: Angelique and Kylie! They took time out from cheering on the Hawks to lend a hand – getting their pictures taken with all the kids (wait your turn, Dads!) and of course, making Hope Bags to distribute. They even autographed pictures for the kids – it was clear that the Sea Gals were role models for the girls who attended! 


AWF 5746 2

Thanks to everyone who attended and all of our volunteers, Hope Bags 2015 was a smashing success! We more than doubled the number of Hope Bags that we created last year, which means that many more people in need received help and hope. We’re also thankful and extremely humbled by the financial support that we received. We met our goal of $7,000 raised for Hope Bags – money which goes directly to helping others. The spirit of generosity that people showed reminded us that we can’t make an impact without your support – and we’re so grateful that we have it!


AWF 5724 2This year’s successful event made us even more eager for next year’s. In 2016 we’re expanding Hope Bags into Hope Day, and we’ll be announcing a way for kids to express their natural inclination to help – we’re finalizing plans over the next couple of months and will be sure to get the word out as soon as we can, so stay tuned!

Thank you again for everything that you do for Angel Wings – your love and support mean the world to us, and together we’re making a difference; we couldn’t do it without you!

The Angel Wings Foundation Team

Holly,  What an awesome Event!  Can't wait to see what you have planned for 2016!

          AWF 5750 2  AWF 5741 2  AWF 5608 2


Recurring AWF donation set up through Paypal

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 Angel Wings Foundation is solely supported by donations. 

We are fortunate to have the support of our wonderful community.

hope bags 0011

By making a donation of any size, your support is greatly appreciated.

All of our Wonderful Donors receive a thank you confirmation letter that serves as your tax receipt.

We have two gateway options currently available.




One time and recurring donations 

 "Recurring"  and donations made with a "smartphone" or "mobile device technologies" are processed here: 

Select recurring donation amount


If you are looking to mail-in or donate in honor of someone, please click here:    Mail in Donation Button

Angel Wings is a Non-Profit, 501c(3) and has exempt status with the IRS.

Tax ID# 26-1268725.

If you require a copy of our letter of determination, please email: Holly Trujillo

Christmas and Beyond

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Christmas 2015 Family in need:
WE NEED YOUR HELP. Angel Wings Foundation  is sponsoring a family for Christmas (and beyond). We want to share a part of their story with you and then let you know what you can do to help. It's a bit lengthy, but please take a few minutes and read about them. 
This past October, a hard-working Federal Way family had an unexpected illness strike their 18 year old son. He was suffering from some numbness and pain in his feet and legs; within days he was paralyzed. As doctor's work to figure out the cause, the family continues to pray for a miracle. With three sons to provide for, the parents work every day, cleaning houses. Before this setback, they lived paycheck to paycheck; now things are much tighter and all of their modest income goes to their son's medical bills, supplies (wheel-chair, hospital bed) & house bills. Their son even 'celebrated' his 19th birthday in the hospital. They were not able to take any time off work to visit their son in the hospital, as they have to work to have money to live. Can you imagine what this must be like for this humble family? 
The latest update we have, is that their son is intense physical therapy in the hospital, and he has started to get the use of his legs back with the assistance of a walker. As they continue their prayers, AWF is working to ensure this family has a Christmas. Over Thanksgiving, Julie Sherman and her family delivered a Christmas tree and all of the decorations to the family. We also gave them the gas gift cards that some of you donated at Hope Bags and through the mail. They were VERY resistant to accepting help...until Julie shared her story with him. See, when one person has been given love and hope, they have a desire to not only pass it on, but to connect with someone else that is hurting. That is why we do what we do. For families like this who are, "...needing it the most and expecting it the least". 

**So, what can you do? We are working hard to prepay expenses in order to free up some of there income and ease the financial burdens they've incurred. We are working hard to purchase a used car, prepay insurance, supply gas money and cover additional expenses for this family. They have NO idea we are planning any of this. That said, we need your financial help. If you can give $5 or $500+, we will take it and bless this family. Please donate through PayPal or send us a check: PO BOX 7350 Bonney Lake, WA 98391. We are also accepting gift cards for them in any denomination, Fred Meyer is always a great type of gift card! Thank you for all you do to support our mission. -- Holly



Holly Trujillo, Director/Founder

Angel Wings Foundation
Twitter: @AWFdn
Instagram: angelwingsfoundation

Our New Website

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Happy Tuesday!
Thank you for being a supporter of Angel Wings Foundation! We have some exciting news to share with you. After many months of hard work and collaboration, we are unveiling a brand new website! On the site you will find links to our programs, scholarships, partnerships and more. Today is the first official day of the launch, so please extend grace as we work through any hiccups that may come about.  It would be awesome to let us know your thoughts on our new website!  It would even be better if you would offer a simple facebook like or even a share.  We are grateful for all of your support!!!
Thank you for walking beside us and growing with us. I'd love to give a special shout out to Paige Brauen, our Board of Directors VP, and Brian Hach, our amazing website designer (and all around talented guy). The two of them have worked tirelessly to make sure the site is a reflection of the heart of Angel Wings Foundation. Enjoy!


Reflecting back with a grace-filled heart

on Wednesday, 31 December 2014. Posted in AWF Blog

End of year post-3


I have a habit of looking back and thinking about all of the things I didn’t do, or that I could’ve done better. In 2014, I made it my goal to learn to extend grace to myself….the kind of grace that I extend to others but rarely give myself. Looking back on 2014, I can see how Angel Wings Foundation has grown tremendously! We have a team of eight amazing individuals, a growing pool of supporters, and our Legacy project served over 250 people which resulted in 400 Hope Bags made by families and given to the homeless in WA State. We helped The Forgotten Project complete their first year of giving and loved working with our Youth Advisory Committee through our Legacy Program. A huge labor of love that has finally come to reality is receiving our official trademark for our logo! We were able to put a brand new roof on a young families home (thanks to Zetterberg Homes and Legends Roofing), providing them with peace of mind and health. Some days are harder than others….watching a family say goodbye to someone way to soon is gut-wrenching, but knowing that Angel Wings can help their legacy live on forever, well, that brings tremendous hope. Together, we made a difference in so many lives, through random acts of kindness, financial support, and Christmas surprises for those who aren’t expecting it. Looking ahead in to 2015, I am excited to see all of the tremendous growth that awaits us. I am not supposed to share our “top secret” plans with you, but I figure you won’t tell anyone. Plans include: website re-launch, expanding our programs (this makes me squeal with excitement), annual Hope Bags events (TWO locations!) and so much more. Thank you for walking alongside us, for being patient and supporting us. It’s easy for me to think, “I should’ve done more”….but in reality, I enjoyed the journey. I enjoyed meeting new people, showing our kids what true giving looks like and watching as they jump in to naturally serve. My dad has always told me, “It’s not about getting to where you are going, it’s about the relationships and the lessons you learn along the way”. Cheers! ~Holly

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