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Christmas and Beyond

on Thursday, 03 December 2015. Posted in AWF Blog

Christmas 2015 Family in need:
WE NEED YOUR HELP. Angel Wings Foundation  is sponsoring a family for Christmas (and beyond). We want to share a part of their story with you and then let you know what you can do to help. It's a bit lengthy, but please take a few minutes and read about them. 
This past October, a hard-working Federal Way family had an unexpected illness strike their 18 year old son. He was suffering from some numbness and pain in his feet and legs; within days he was paralyzed. As doctor's work to figure out the cause, the family continues to pray for a miracle. With three sons to provide for, the parents work every day, cleaning houses. Before this setback, they lived paycheck to paycheck; now things are much tighter and all of their modest income goes to their son's medical bills, supplies (wheel-chair, hospital bed) & house bills. Their son even 'celebrated' his 19th birthday in the hospital. They were not able to take any time off work to visit their son in the hospital, as they have to work to have money to live. Can you imagine what this must be like for this humble family? 
The latest update we have, is that their son is intense physical therapy in the hospital, and he has started to get the use of his legs back with the assistance of a walker. As they continue their prayers, AWF is working to ensure this family has a Christmas. Over Thanksgiving, Julie Sherman and her family delivered a Christmas tree and all of the decorations to the family. We also gave them the gas gift cards that some of you donated at Hope Bags and through the mail. They were VERY resistant to accepting help...until Julie shared her story with him. See, when one person has been given love and hope, they have a desire to not only pass it on, but to connect with someone else that is hurting. That is why we do what we do. For families like this who are, "...needing it the most and expecting it the least". 

**So, what can you do? We are working hard to prepay expenses in order to free up some of there income and ease the financial burdens they've incurred. We are working hard to purchase a used car, prepay insurance, supply gas money and cover additional expenses for this family. They have NO idea we are planning any of this. That said, we need your financial help. If you can give $5 or $500+, we will take it and bless this family. Please donate through PayPal or send us a check: PO BOX 7350 Bonney Lake, WA 98391. We are also accepting gift cards for them in any denomination, Fred Meyer is always a great type of gift card! Thank you for all you do to support our mission. -- Holly



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