Helping those who need it the most and expect it the least while leaving a legacy of purposeful giving.

The Legacy Project Logo 2016Leaving a Legacy of Giving

Angel Wings Foundation is proud to financially support young people's ideas for giving back. Through the Legacy Project, we are building a legacy of intentionally thoughtful families by encouraging youth to act on their natural desire to show love and kindness.  Angel Wings Foundation is providing support for a generation to serve those around them so that they may find joy and significance in giving of themselves and blessing others with thoughtfulness, while making a lasting difference in their world. From providing weekly challenges to perform acts of kindness in small everyday ways to funding large scale dreams of compassionate giving, Angel Wings Foundation is honored to invest in the youth of today. Legacy has numerous branches including: Funding kids’ ideas for giving back, our Hope Bags event, and Scholarships.

hopebags2girlsHope Bags: The Hope Bags event is a direct result of what can happen when we empower our children to make a difference. This event grew out of local girls idea to do something for people she saw in her community. Marlia wanted to bake fresh cookie and fill bags of personal care items for homeless people by putting together "Homeless Kits". Her heart was to be grateful for the things we have and take some time to do something simple for others who don't have what we do. Now, this event has grown and changed in Hope Bags and is held in the Fall. This event brings children, adults, individuals and families together to make a difference to the local homeless. Each individual decorates a bag, writes a heartfelt note of encouragement, and then fills their bag with essentials such as; warm hat, gloves, socks, granola bars etc. Each family can then decide how and to whom they want to distribute their bags. Here are a couple of stories from families who have participated:

"Today was a great day! Fun with family, a Seahawks win, but seriously the best part of my day was stopping downtown and handing out our Angel Wings Hope Blessing Bags! Every single person we passed out to was so grateful and I seriously broke into tears with every single bag I handed out! It felt so good to bless these people and they truly blessed us back! My family has agreed this will definitely be a new tradition!

Thank you Angel Wings Foundation for inspiring us to help the less fortunate!"



"I still get a little choked up as I write this:

On Saturday the four of us participated in Angel Wings Foundation Hope Bags event. We filled individual bags with basic care items: water, granola bars, wet wipes, hats and gloves, hand warmers and more. These items, along with a personal note and hand decorated bag, are intended for each family to hand out to homeless/those in need. On Sunday, our families went down near the mission in Seattle and handed out our eight bags. One man walked with difficulty up Seattle's hilly streets with a cane, pulling his cart of belongings. He accepted his bag with such gratitude and kindness, and when we asked if he might know a friend that could use a bag as well, he said he would take it and share it at the mission. Another man's reaction had me putting on sunglasses on so that I wouldn't look like a hot mess of tears. He interacted with the girls SO sweetly, thanking them and telling us that we had "done this Army Ranger's heart a world of happiness". We thanked him for his service and to see his face light up...oh, it was just an amazing experience. At that point we had wished we had 80 bags instead of 8. We also saw a man with his pet cat, and a sign that asked for a warm sleeping bag. Our sweet girls decided we needed to get this man a sleeping bag. The four of us pooled our money, and walked six blocks to Target. We bought the warmest sleeping bag there was, plus cans of cat food, granola bars and a cat toy, and practically ran the six blocks back to find him again. He wasn't where he originally was, but we did find him - about a block away. We were SO relieved! He was SO shocked. We pet his cat for a bit, he fed her the cat food, and as we walked away we saw him take out the cat toy (fishing pole with a feather) and play with her. It was such a wonderful weekend with these two girls - it was amazing to see their caring hearts just spill over with kindness. This weekend will stay with me always."

Scholarships: In the past several years the foundation has left a legacy of financially supporting others through scholarships. This program continues to be developed through our team and committees.



Enjoy our Legacy Project video logo link below and thank you for your ongoing support!

AngelWings-LogoThe Legacy Project

Past Events:

Oso Mudslide Support

April 1- May 1, 2014

Our Legacy Youth Leaders are leading a heartfelt effort to give back to the kids and adults affected by this tragedy. We are doing 3 things:

1) Legacy leaders will be writing and collecting letters to the children of Darrington (Ground Zero). They will be collecting these letters to be sent to these kids (K-8th and HIgh School age). For now, we have one drop off location at North Tapps Middle School.  If you'd like to write an encouraging note or draw a picture. Be sure you or your child only put their first name and grade, no other personal information. The letters will be delivered in the coming weeks. You can also mail your letter to:

Angel Wings Foundation
Legacy: Oso
PO BOX 7350
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

2) Through their friends families and schools, our youth will be collecting duct tape and boot socks - this was a personal request from those on sight to one of our board members.

3) Encouraging donations to 'Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation Disaster Fund'


Project #1

December 14th, 2013

Angel Wings Foundation is excited to announce The Legacy Project’s first youth led service activity for families!  

Our first teen to lead us in fulfilling her project idea is Marlia.  She has chosen to serve warm cookies and milk to the local homeless!  Specifically, on December 14th from 9am to noon, all the Youth Legacy Leaders, members of the community, and hopefully YOU and YOUR FAMILY will join together to bake cookies, assemble personal items, make unique cards and deliver it all to approximately 100 local Bonney Lake/Sumner homeless people.  Through these activities, we aspire to show unconditional love, spread joy and bless those we encounter.  We are so very proud to support Marlia in fulfilling her heart-felt desire to help people without a home feel special and loved and to enjoy the warmth of homemade cookies even though they do not have the warmth of a home.

We hope you and your family will engage in this meaningful project with us!  Please click on this link to get more details and to donate and volunteer!  And remember, if you aren’t able to help this time, we will be offering projects quarterly for you and your family to be involved in.

Marlia - age 13:

"This past winter, I made and distributed gift packs to homeless people in Seattle.  I chose to do this because when I saw people begging on the side of the road I felt very bad for them and I wanted to do something to help them out and cheer them up! So I decided to make homeless packs. Making the homeless packs was very fun and I learned a lot from the experience. I made cookies, picked apples and wrote notes of encouragement for each pack.  I gathered other supplies like water bottles, but it didn’t seem like enough.  I was glad that Angel Wings helped me with this because that made the packs much more valuable.  I think that the homeless really benefited from the gloves, hats, toothpaste and a toothbrush that Angel Wings purchased. When I was handing out the packs, I felt happy because I was making a difference in their lives, but I also felt sad because they had no home. Doing this helped me realize what all I have and that I should be grateful for it. I will make more homeless packs to put in our car to give to homeless people whenever we see them!  That way, I can keep making a difference!"

Legacy Projects - Donation

"Leaving a Legacy of Giving" - Thank you for your support!


$1.00 each Legacy Projects - Donation

"Leaving a Legacy of Giving" - Thank you for your support!


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